Schedule report

Schedule Report

This guide introduces the ‘schedule analysis’ tool, which supplements the tendering schedule with relevant background information to the project.

Precise specifications results in better tenders and fewer conflicts

They say that “well begun is half done” – and a schedule that reflects the assumptions behind the project is a good start to a building project. However, one of the challenges is that the bidders often lack information on the timing requirements for the project which they need in order to quote the right price, and the result is an increased risk premium in the tender. At the same time, the lack of information leads to a heavy and difficult construction process with lots of conflicts which benefit none of the parties.

Transparency leads to fewer conflicts

In this guide, we therefore advise you, when you provide consulting and project design services ahead of a procurement procedure, to produce a schedule analysis describing the basis and requirements behind the tendering schedule. The schedule analysis gives the client an overview of relationships between project activities and time while it also highlights the implications of the requirements and wishes that define the time frame for implementing the contract. The analysis provides greater transparency for the bidders, which results in better tender documentation with more accurate pricing and fewer conflicts.

Download the guide here:

Schedule report (pdf)

Download the appendix here:

Appendix (pdf)

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Schedule report

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