Operations based construction process

Operations Based Construction Process

This booklet focuses on the value created by including operations in the construction process, and presents concrete methods for the operations based construction process.

The holistic construction process – remember operations!

Many buildings look great when they are finished but unfortunately prove to be both expensive and difficult to operate. This may be due to a short-term focus, lack of reflection or excessive cost-consciousness, concentrating on how to get the most out of the construction budget while the operating budget is someone else’s headache. Whole-life costs, dialogue and end-to-end thinking are keywords for getting to grips with this.

Sustainable solutions can create significant savings

The challenge is to qualify the client, the project designers and the contractors to plan, design and execute a building project with well thought-through operational solutions. On average, the ratio between the costs of construction and operation over 30 years of the life of a building is 1:4. By focusing on operational considerations and whole-life costs, and with a small investment in long-term sustainable solutions at the construction stage, one can quickly make significant savings against the subsequent operating budget. Similarly, well thought-out and user-friendly physical surroundings will promote well-being and productivity in both users and operations staff, and so contribute to the overall bottom line.

Guidelines in English

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Enviromental Surveying and Demolition
Tendering of demolition projects
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Operations based construction process
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