Strategic partnerships - implementation of the collaboration

Strategic Partnerships – Implementation of the Collaboration

This guide provides information about the establishment and start-up of the partnership as well as the ongoing collaboration and implementation of projects. It is particularly aimed at the strategic partnership as an overall organisation, from the initial start-up to completion and evaluation of the collaboration.

Værdibyg and REBUS have produced two guides on Strategic Partnerships.

Strategic partnerships are a relatively new form of agreement and collaboration in construction, where a client offers a portfolio of upcoming tasks over a number of years in a single package to a delivery team. The long-term collaboration and repitition in projects and processes allows for greater budgetary security, fewer conflicts and better quality for the benefit of both the client and the delivery team.

The advantages of stragetic partnerships

This guide presents principles, possibilities, good advice and pitfalls for strategic partnerships
based on experiences from ongoing and planned strategic partnerships. Clients and delivery teams can find a great deal of inspiration in the experiences from the first strategic partnerships, but there is also a need to adapt the model to their own business and culture, as well as to the current market situation. The guide treats the strategic partnership as a single organisation and looks at which particular points the client and the delivery team need to pay attention to in, for example, the start-up, portfolio management and project management in the collaboration.

You can read more about and download the guide Strategic Partnerships – From idea to contract here.

Guidelines in English

Strategic partnerships - implementation of the collaboration
Enviromental Surveying and Demolition
Tendering of demolition projects
Circular demolition
Mediation and conciliation
The handover process
Involving sub-contractors
Operations based construction process
Involving the users
Starting right
Payment of winter provisions
Establishing collaboration
Perspectives on phase transitions in the building industry
Schedule report

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