Establishing collaboration

Establishing Collaboration

This guide provides examples and tools which naturally have to be adapted to the
needs of the individual project.

Good collaboration requires effort

Effective collaboration is a crucial factor in establishing a construction process that
adds value and produces a successful building. This fact can be so obvious that it
seems trivial. Nevertheless, clients, consultants and contractors can recall various construction
projects where the collaboration did not work well and where people talked
at cross-purposes, where opposing interests ended in conflicts, or where the responsibilities,
objectives and success criteria were not clear to everybody. Poor collaboration
is often cited as a reason why a construction project slips against budgets, schedules
and quality criteria.

In this guide, the whole construction industry recommends that all parties in a project
team should focus especially on establishing effective collaboration. Good collaboration
requires effort from all concerned – an effort that pays off at the end of the day.

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Establishing Collaboration (pdf)

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Case (pdf)

Toolbox (pdf)

Appendices (pdf)

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